Online Exhibition:

I feel thrilled that the repository has gained so many stars within days. Also, I appreciate meticulous discussions on Hack News.

I prefer to take SVG-3D-BUILDER as an experimental one. As a two-dimension graphic technology, SVG has been obstructed from illustrating 3D grahics by its immanent properties and features. Gigantic calculations are required when transforming 3D coordinates to 2D coordinates based on Perspective Projection. When you are drawing Bezier Surface, the calculation even becomes a juggernaut since a smooth surving surface should be splitted into myriad linear blocks. All these calculations are far away from what SVG is capable of. JS thread in your web tab has to take all the burden.

I tend to generate a colossal d expression in a single path node primitively when illustrating an integral 3D shape. That’s fine since they are just mathematic stuffs. When I wanted to go further, trying to transform thoses meshed models to solid ones, I found I was totally stuck. It was impossible to do that. In order to tackle this conundrum, a 3D model has to be reconstituted by massive SVG elements on the aspect of HTML Document. The whole ploy has been neutralized at the expense of debilitating performance.

I have read dicussions on Hack News. If you want to accomplish an industrial target in 3D area with web technology, SVG should not be the primary option. WebGL or canvas are better. Anyway, I will continue developing on this framework.

Forgive me if you come across any typos, grammar mistakes or lexic mistakes. English is not my mother tongue while I am working hard on it. 😉 Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas.